The world ended…But the fun didn’t! Race your pals across the adorable post-apocalyptic world of Tray Racers! Grab a tray, surf the dunes, and get ready to SLIDE, DRIFT and TRICK your way to the finish line in this cute & colorful party racer, built for online multiplayer! YAHOOOOOO! Every race takes place on a unique, randomly-generated track - with weird and wonderful vistas, hazards, creatures, and surprises from a mix of bizarre & beautiful post-apocalyptic biomes.


After the success of our debut game PHOGS! the three of us at Bit Loom began prototyping various smaller projects. What began as a joke game called "Ray Tracer's Tray Racing" quickly became a fun prototype for this party racing game.


  • Surf the dunes on your very own tray
  • Race in online multiplayer (with up to 16 players!!)
  • Embrace your inner daredevil with *bonus speed* for near misses
  • Goof off with silly emotes
  • Do ✨cool ✨ tray tricks & combos
  • Perfect for parties with pals 💛
  • Two awesome race modes: Freestyle Race and Daily Race
  • Hang out with friends between races at the chilled-out Camp lobby
  • Pet *everything* with a dedicated ‘pet-the-thing’ button (There’s a lizard in the Camp called Scrump and we love them…)


Tray Racers! Launch TrailerYouTube


About Bit Loom

Bit Loom is Douglas, Henry and James. Three friends who love making games that surprise and delight players. Bit Loom's debut game PHOGS! took players on a double-ended dog adventure across three strange worlds published by Coatsink. They are self-publishing their next game Tray Racers!
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Tray Racers! Credits

Art Gang Boss, Bit Loom
Programmer and music producer, Bit Loom
Programmer, Bit Loom
UI Artist
Community Manager